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Richard Larsen

Birds in Tanzania and Kenya

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I have placed a pair of albums on google photos, links are attached.  The birds are from Kenya and Tanzania.  One album is called 'identified', that one contains pictures that I (allegedly) have identified.  It is just there if someone wants to browse the many birds from that area.  And, of course, if there are errors, help is appreciated.  If the link does not seem to be active, you can highlight it, right click, and you should get a path to the link.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/YwSEM8eVsn7yTSJs7 

This second one contains birds I have not IDed.  There are over 40 pictures.  I am hopeless with shorebirds, that is part of the problem.  And, some of the photos are not good, and probably cannot be IDed.  But, some are good, I just don't know the bird.   https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZaJzMRtkuFi5aw9h6

In either album, if you go to the small 'i', you will get a description, which is my current guess.  You may also see a photo name - ignore that - some of the names were put on wrong pictures, and they are wrong, even ludicrous.

Any help is appreciated.

East Africa is a good birding area.  My wife and I saw about 180 species, got decent pictures of over 150 between us, and we were not on a 'birding tour', per se.  In our safari vehicles, and in nature walks at the lodges, we kept asking guides 'what is that', or just took pictures.  The drivers / guides were generally very good on the birds, so we converted our 'animal tour' into a tour of 'animals and birds'.


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First set: a few things I noticed 

The first Black-headed Heron is a Gray Heron

Palm-nut Vulture is incorrect, I think it's a light morph Tawny Eagle

Yellow-billed (Intermediate) Egret might be a Great Egret

The second Yellow-billed Egret is definitely a Great Egret (note how the gape extends past the eye)

African Avocet is a name I haven't heard of before, it's a Pied Avocet

"Black-necked Heron" is a typo I think, it's a Black-headed Heron

The second Hadada Ibis is a Glossy Ibis

"African White Pelican" should be Great White Pelican


Second set:

#5 and #7 are Tawny Eagles

#8 and #9 are Wattled Starlings

#10 is a Crimson-rumped Waxbill

#12 is a female House Sparrow

#15 looks like a Ruff

#16 is a Long-tailed Cormorant

#30 is another Ruff

#34 is an oxpecker, but I can't tell bill color

#37 and #38 are Wattled Starlings


Great birds and photos!

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