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19 Jun 2021 Pinellas co., FL;  woodland & lakeside hiking trails though large public park with varied habitat.  

One of the trails terminates at an elevated platform that overlooks a large freshwater marsh.  As we arrived at said platform, a bird flushed and flew low across the water to hide among the vegetation on the far side.  We had only a glimpse but it appeared about the size of a Least Bittern or Green Heron, but had rather stubby, triangular, buffy-colored wings.  Thoughts?


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3 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

How about King Rail? Kinda hard to find good photos of them in flight, but here's a few. 




If memory serves (which it often doesn't!), the bird in question was lighter in color, at least on the wings, and the wings were stubby/triangular in shape.  I considered an immature Common Gallinule, but in pictures I've found, their wings don't look too stubby, either.  

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