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Weird swallow with a white rump, Maxwell WTP, Colusa County, CA, June 27

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I'm completely stumped as to what this could be. It's not a Violet-green Swallow, and it doesn't look much like a Cliff Swallow to me. Anyone have any idea's? It appears to have a white collar around it's neck as well as the large white rump. The photos aren't great, the first set is unedited besides from cropping, the second set is edited in an attempt to bring out details.

Set 1









Set 2








Thanks for the help.


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3 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

There are twenty-eight ebird reports of white-throated swift from colusa county.

White-throated Swifts have longer tails than this bird, and more angular pointed wings. I agree with Alex, this looks like a Juvi Violet-green Swallow.

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The bird is not any kind of swift. Look among the subsidiary photos -- the secondaries of swifts account for a much smaller percentage of wing length than do swallow secondaries, to go along with other points noted above.

The bird looks to me like a leucistic Cliff Swallow. Simply change the color of the rump to some sort of orange and it wouldn't draw a second look. It has wide-based wings; a contrastingly pale nape; and an all-dark, squared tail.


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20 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

And we're usually quick to toss out the leucistic card around here!  Maybe we just don't see it in swallows as often as other species?

None of us can get a good enough pic of them to know that they are leucistic.

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