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1 hour ago, BirdNrd said:

Last one is a teal. Note how small it is compared to the mallard next to it.

That is a rather strong eyeline for a Cinnamon, but the rest of the features look good for one.

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7 hours ago, Seanbirds said:



4 hours ago, IKLland said:

Immature male? No clue. 

I'm not quite convinced that it's a Cinnamon, rather than a Blue-winged (or hybrid), but that matters not for this bit.

From BOW CITE account, Definitive Alternate plumage:

Male. Overall appearance similar to female but with a more rufous-brown color; plumage loses most of reddish brown color of Definitive Basic Plumage to provide crypsis for simultaneous wing molt (Pyle 2005).

Realize that female teal (and other ducks) in Alternate plumage look a bit (in some species quite a bit) different than when they're wearing Basic plumage.

Juvenile plumage:

Like Definitive Basic Plumage in females but coloring generally duller and more muted. Head, face, and neck buffy, cream, or tan, the crown feathers with brown markings. Feathers on upperparts dark brown with tan margins, widest on scapulars.

The plumage looks too worn for a young-of-the-year and it's also early in the season (for most places) to have independent juvs. Thus, it should be wearing either First Alternate or Definite Alternate. If we had a better angle and lighting on the eye, determination of sex would be straightforward, however we cannot quite determine eye color.

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