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1-10-19  MN :



I"ve seen this boy Pileated in our Nature Center for over a period of three months - alone, and I thought it might be great if he had a girl friend, and myabe in the spring some babies.  Then I shot a bunch of shots of this one, and figured it must have flown  across the pond, 'cause I saw the Pileated ( male ) over there.  And when I enlarge it at home - and what to my surprise, the forehead was brown, so I figured he got some mud on his head or something - but no - the red mustache was black too.  What in the world.....IT'S A GIRL. I was so excited I felt like jumping up and down and screaming, but I got warrants, so I had to just cool it.  I was so happy, I've never been a dad before.

  Probably a bit much for this site, but I'm new.  Joe

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