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Folks: it's not OK to take other people's photos to edit and re-post. Just like we don't correct each other's spelling and grammar, we don't take it upon ourselves to decide that someone's photo needs correction. In addition, as has been emphasized before, you need to respect copyright.

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Went out to my favorite birding spot last weekend.  Here's a hummingbird.  Is it a Broad-tailed (this is in Flagstaff, Arizona)?


Here's a female Yellow-headed Blackbird.  I've seen a bunch of males (to be fair, they are quite distinctive), but this is my first time noticing one of the females.


I'd never seen one of these before.  It's a Sora, and it ran off into the reeds practically as soon as I took this picture.


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These fledglings patiently perch fairly close together while the parents acrobatically swoop through the sky catching up bugs along the way. The young hear their parents calling on their return and when they come in close, each young'n makes noise and flutter up a storm, trying to attract the most attention.

"Pick Me ! Pick Me !"

Barn Swallow Young.jpg

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