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Cerulean Warbler

From a couple days ago - Mourning Dove carrying nesting material: And a Cedar Waxwing:

I'll start with this one

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1 hour ago, RobinHood said:

If a bird poses I take its photo, that's the rule - it doesn't have to be rare.

Very last shot yesterday.

Northern Cardinal f HVT-7225652.jpg

Your makeup artist went a little overboard on the lipstick for this photo shoot  🙄

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I used up all my likes yesterday morning (in five minutes). Tried again today and managed to use one and then all out again - still no idea how the "like system" works.

Note to @SirVive. Apparently I am not allowed to like your comment as you had not liked the original post - it seems it creates an imbalance in the universe 😨 (actually I was out of likes and today I just wanted to use this emoji).

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Wasn't going to post but thought another grumpy bird won't hurt - Black-throated Blue.

Except for the Redstarts all the warblers were way up high, so heavy crop and (sore neck afterwards).

Looks like I got some more "likes" back.

Black-throated Blue Warbler m HVT-7225745.jpg

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The second in my "portraits of common birds" series.

The resident pair of Chipping Sparrows are usually quite shy but just as I was leaving this one became more friendly, so last shot of the day again (actually Thursday - I'm way behind).

Chipping Sparrow 8x10 crop HVT-7226013.jpg

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