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You may have noticed a theme developing but as well as being in my overall top ten of favourite birds they are now my  Number 1 for entertainment value (if you get a chance just watch them for a while).

This one snagged a crayfish and resisted several sibling attacks (including grabbing its miniscule wing and trying to drag it underwater) before needing several attempts to swallow it.

They are amazingly self confident at this age - one of the chicks had a confrontation with a Canada Goose and the goose backed off (the adults routinely chased off Mute Swans).

Pied-billed Grebe chick crawfish HVT-7230374.jpg

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20 hours ago, SirVive said:

Nice shot! How does he manage to get his beak that full and still catch another without losing any ? !!!

She is hunting on the edge of a marsh, there are plenty of tide pools that have small fish in them, some because of the heat have already gone belly up so she just picks them up one by one and flys them over to the nest..

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Cowbird's aren't my favorite, but I was entertained watching an adult Chipping Sparrow feeding this young Cowbird.  Of course the Cowbird was much larger than the Sparrow.  My shots of the two together didn't come out, but I got a good sharp photo of the Cowbird.

Brown-headed Cowbird


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