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9 hours ago, RobinHood said:

Nice photo - which superzoom - thinking about a P950 or something similar. I feel your pain - mid seventies and  foot/back/hip pains becoming more of a nuisance daily (but still worth the effort) - today was a perfect fall day in Southern Ontario, just a few degrees above zero, for me far nicer than a mid-summer day, but I was carrying a DSLR/telephoto combo plus a tripod/scope for a few hours, and started to feel it.

Maybe a separate thread - birding equipment compromises.? Just a thought.




Thanks, I use the Nikon P900 when I'm not using the Canon 300mm f/2.8 attached to the 5Diii. I haven't crossed the 60 years threshold just yet but the aches and pains make me feel like I'm older. The hobbling I had to do yesterday was because I had thrown my back out the day before. There's no way I would have been able to drag the 10 pound DSLR and lens around, even if it was just across the road.

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