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I was working in my yard and saw this fledgling Mockingbird sitting in the tree watching me.  Every time I moved, he flew to the tree nearest me.  Suddenly he swooped down and landed on the tree right next to me, maybe a couple feet away.  Then he hopped down the tree, hit the ground and ran over to me screaming "FEED ME"  lol  He was flying just fine, so I hope he figures out how to hunt or remembers where the nest is...1818235584_mockingbirdfledgling2.JPG.b1dc678e1e454ba7adf5c9447f88c461.JPG1979973328_mockingbirdfledgling.JPG.00a629b8dd4d0ff6393e36ab2f70d786.JPG1880850118_mockingbirdfeedme1.JPG.f912144b95d21bd5ab01f31eb727eb0b.JPG

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6 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Ruffed Grouse - A lifer. It’s becoming a lot harder for me to pick up lifers I’m the western US, but I got one today. I’ve tried many times for them, but never had any luck. Of course, when I’m not looking I stumble into one. ABA bird 564. 


Congratulations on the lifer and fantastic photo!  They are not easy to photograph most of the time.  They usually stay still and camouflaged until you (maybe I should say I 😄) almost step on them then they fly away.

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