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My new lens arrived today.  My old one got soaked in a sudden downpour while on a hike.  It was not recoverable but it gave me an excuse to upgrade to a new version. I'm a few thousand $$ poorer but happy with the upgrade so far.  I am still playing with it and the conditions are not very good today but...

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird telling me what she thinks about my new lens.



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A Lifer Franklin's Spruce Grouse -- A mother with two chicks. We were driving on a back road when I suddenly spotted one out of the corner of my eye. 



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1 hour ago, IKLland said:

Ok, still cool! Is that 500mm without a teleconvrrter enough reach?  


49 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

No such thing. :classic_tongue:


I think we need to point out that every/any lens is long enough for birding, and every/any lens is never long enough for birding. Yes, a lens can be both long enough and not long enough. If you're taking photos of birds from a distance of 5-10 feet, your basic 18-55mm kit lens will probably be enough reach. If you're taking photos of birds from 25-50 feet, your basic 18-55 probably won't be enough reach. If you're taking photos of birds in the the tree tops in your backyard, a 400mm lens will probably have enough reach. If you're taking photos of birds in the tree tops from two or three houses away, a 400mm lens probably will leave you wanting more reach. Every lens has it's ideal range. If you're shooting birds from close distances, a long lens isn't necessary, if you're shooting birds from far away, no lens is long enough. 

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