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1 minute ago, Kevin said:

What is that sticking out it's back?

Since it’s banded, I’d bet that’s a tracking backpack. The antenna is really long though. I can sort of make out the base of the antenna. Here’s what I mean:

(Don’t worry, they’re not physically attached to the bird. There are elastic bands that go over the legs.)


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I almost went a day without posting, but on my home from dinner, I saw a murder of Fish Crows eating from a garbage bin just outside my parking lot, which gave me the opportunity to contribute a little more to society today. 🙂  I took a few minutes to get my camera to get better quality pics than my iPhone.  By the time I went downstairs, all the good food must have been gone, but the birds were still all over the place, so her we go:

The short "Caw" calls were all over the place, so I'm certain this a a Fish Crow  I've never heard any American Crow calls in my area.






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