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Let’s face it, when it comes to wildlife, we are the paparazzi, the wildlife are the stars.  We use our expensive cameras and long lenses to invade their privacy.  Cool!  For most birds, it doesn’t matter.  If they eat seeds, nectar or even bugs we don’t matter, and can even help.  But when it comes to Raptors, it’s a different story.  When we see a hawk sitting high in a tree, and we are clomping around on the ground, the menu is hiding under the restaurant’s tables.  After a while, we should expect them to get tired of our interference and head to another restaurant.  On the other hand, it is one of the prices for being beautiful.  Deal with it!  At least we might get a few pictures of them before, and during the time they fly away.  Redtailsitting.thumb.jpg.0c91555b6665b6927db1937cd02a8f1e.jpgRedtailab.thumb.jpg.b64d3bcc337ee7f4e534b4e9626ef1c7.jpg

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