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Folks: it's not OK to take other people's photos to edit and re-post. Just like we don't correct each other's spelling and grammar, we don't take it upon ourselves to decide that someone's photo needs correction. In addition, as has been emphasized before, you need to respect copyright.

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Some Rosy-faced Lovebirds down in Phoenix last Saturday.  I love these goofy birds.  They mostly stay high up in the palm trees, but they're noisy and colorful.  Apparently the colony started as escaped pets, but they seem to be doing well in the wild.

Anyone know why the one in the second photo is so yellow?






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Summer Tanager, Patagonia, Az.  This is the same bird.  I added the second photo to show the tan colors on the under side of the tail.  The Summer Tanager is said to be the only bird in the USA that is entirely red.  The first picture was confusing to me. I thought that the light under tail feathers might have been foliage interfering with the color, but the second shot confirms the light under tail.2100996480_SummerTanagerFacingcamera.thumb.jpg.a1e03739f324269715046654b4d0598f.jpg1766195823_SummerTanagerbrowntail.thumb.jpg.17e45eaea49474c7192c846e6eb9ca81.jpg 

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We traveled during a safe period of time to South Africa.  Kruger National Park pretty much covers the eastern border.  It is hundreds of square miles of Savannah with the African animals you expect to see there.  You can hire a spot in a safari truck to visit, or you can self-drive paying a fee of about $30 US dollars per person.  Going in a safari truck gives you the benefit of the expertise of the driver not only knowing where critters are, but what they are called.  Some are easy:  Lion, Giraffe, Rhino, etc., but many of the birds are not easy.  We spent a week staying next to the park and used a safari guide one time.  When you visit the park you have to be out by dark, and you can't get out of the vehicle for obvious reasons.  There are rest/eating areas where you can get out and once you get used to fighting off the monkeys that try to steal your food, it's pretty straight forward.  We did have one problem though.  Names!  I saw this woodpecker along the way and asked the guide what it was called?  He said:  "Cardinal".  I said "It can't be a cardinal.  There are a lot of religious guys that have that name and at least one prominent bird where I come from.  We're going to have to call it something else."  I said: "As far as I know, we've had only one President named Herbert, and no birds have that name, so can we call it Herbert for the rest of the trip?"  He just looked at me.  At least he didn't tell me to get out of the truck.1946818753_CardinalWoodpecker.thumb.jpg.cbd108d4e37091d3889ac56ad1fa264d.jpg

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