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Almost anywhere in the world you can get to, there are interesting birds.  One such place is New Zealand.  Both the North and South island are great, but the Southern Alps on the South Island are spectacular.  If you get a chance to go there, don’t miss the chance to visit Milford Sound.  It is a fiord about 25 miles long that cuts into the Alps from the Tasman Sea and you will probably see Blue Penguins swimming around the boat.  There are many permanent waterfalls in the fiord, but after a rain there about a hundred huge waterfalls.  To get there it’s about a two hour drive from Te Anau and you have to drive through a one way tunnel, the Homer Tunnel, to get from one side of the Alps to the other.  Here is where birds come in.  As the tunnel is one way and just under a mile long and you have to wait your turn to go either direction.  On the east side of the tunnel as you are waiting, Kia parrots come over where they have been waiting in the rocks and do their best to wreck your car by chewing all the rubber and antennas they can pry off.   You can look on Youtube under “Kia destroying police car” to watch the birds in action.  Tourists start by thinking it really cute until they see the Kias get down to business. These are not the greatest pictures, but these little parrots don't do a lot of standing around and posing.  They are more interested in vandalism.IMG_1405.thumb.JPG.e0e591e58fb3247f0c046099231f629a.JPG1134668624_HeadShot.thumb.jpg.28e5e75ce11f30b5c57304d010b9f5c3.jpg

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46 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

Sigma is showing results ?


Nice shot! How are you finding the AF(autofocus) in the lens? Accuracy, speed?

I noticed a little bit of noise in the top right of your shot. I just removed that noise in the background, but not on the bird. I also add a touch more contrast. 


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