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The Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona were the home of the famous Chiricahua Apaches Cochise and Geronimo.  The form the eastern edge of the Sulfur Springs Valley and have rugged rock formations similar to Brice Canyon in Utah.  On the eastern side near the New Mexico border Cave Creek Canyon cuts into the mountain range.  It is a birding destination, period.  Among the regulations is the requirement that no recording equipment is allowed for recording or broadcasting bird calls (including cell phones).  We try to go to Cave Creek every year, and it is always interesting and you can count on coming home with memory cards full of pictures.  This year among the many birds we saw, a flock of Wild Turkeys decided to hang out by our camp.  I thought it might be interesting to show what a Wild Turkey looks like, not the wrapped in plastic frozen kind everyone will tackle on Thanksgiving.  If Ben Franklin had his way the Turkey would be the National Bird instead of the Bald Eagle.  I like the looks of the Bald Eagle better, but I’d rather eat a Turkey.1094314686_WildTurkeyFront.thumb.jpg.de35348060422e18e76d9ee39e8d6649.jpg1562652698_WildTurkeyPortal.thumb.jpg.94499d0decefd840d10c93f8d5e996e7.jpg203837489_WildTurkeyfemale.thumb.JPG.77b5f136fa5100ccf90a81b6fa4c9ba2.JPG

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