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13 hours ago, Birding Boy said:

Eastern Bluebird, I can't seem to get close to one for a frame filling shot, so had to leave some empty space and get "artistic" with this one.


Still a really cool shot! I love the inclusion of a lot of the perch. 

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26 minutes ago, Sam Eberhard said:

Very nice shots! I have yet to get a clear look at a GCKI here in coastal California, much less take good photos of them. 

Thank you! That's how it is much of the time, I got lucky with this one. It helps when they're foraging a little more methodically in the winter, and there isn't as much foliage everywhere.

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8 hours ago, Birding Boy said:

Sure is nice to have a few Kinglets stick around through the winter. I got a few shots I like of this guy, more in the checklist:  https://ebird.org/checklist/S102692204



Could you tell a couple of them it is too cold where you are and send them to North Florida. I still need this bird for Florida and have seen so few any way. I would love to get a look at one here.

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4 minutes ago, NorthernKeys said:

This Winter Wren didn't even care that I was only a few feet away from it. Was hard to pick which shot I was happiest with, but this side profile came out really nice. Got a couple more good ones on my checklist too: https://ebird.org/checklist/S102864399



Wow, those are seriously amazing, well done! I can never seem to find one in the open for more than a second!

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