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1 hour ago, Clip said:

This is an Awesome photo! Does the species count on your life list where you are? I have seen one but it was an escaped domestic so it didn't count.


It depends on the person. There is a small, but stable breeding population of them here in Coastal SoCal, but the birds that originally appeared were escaped birds. I believe they starting breeding and now have a growing population. Ebird counts them for here, and personally I count it on my life list for those reasons. If anyone knows more about this population and/or anything wrong in my analysis, please let me know, as I have wondered if I really should be counting them. @Connor Cochranemight know.



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2 hours ago, IKLland said:

Awesome shots man, congrats! I want a redpoll….so cute!

Thanks, so glad they showed up, it’s the first time they’ve ever visited the feeders here! They’re so fun to watch, I might try and get some videos later if I can. 

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