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12 hours ago, Kevin said:

That's interesting, several of the few I have seen were doing something similar(water hydrants water fountains).  I just thought it was because I was in a state park, lots of people all the time, probably used to coming down and cleaning up the leftovers and such, but I guess it is pretty common for them to be messing around with man made objects? 

I had a Downy Woodpecker eating peanuts yesterday.  I think she was immature; at least the rictal bristles were very short.

The feeder is a mesh cylinder with a catch tray at the bottom.  She'd peck at a peanut until it broke and either fell out into the tray or she pulled it out.  Either way, she'd often take fragments and appear to stuff them back into the feeder an inch or two above where she'd chiseled it out.  It was almost like she was caching them.


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This is a Ruby-throated hummingbird. I spotted it perched on that branch. When I saw it, I wondered what it was- it was small and shaped like a hummingbird, but the colors were off. I thought it was a trick of the light filtering through the trees and clouds, but when I looked at it through my camera lens, and later when I looked at them on my laptop,  it was clear the colors are as they're pictured. I think it's a male, based on the feathers on the throat. But it was odd, because no matter where  his throated was aimed- in the sun or not, the colors didn't change like normal- red-orange, etc.

8_24_2022 Hummingbird Odd colors DSC_8193.jpg

8_24_2022 Hummingbird Odd Colors DSC_8194.jpg

8_24_2022 Hummingbird Odd colors DSC_8193.jpg.dop

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