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Message added by aveschapinas,

Folks: it's not OK to take other people's photos to edit and re-post. Just like we don't correct each other's spelling and grammar, we don't take it upon ourselves to decide that someone's photo needs correction. In addition, as has been emphasized before, you need to respect copyright.

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2 hours ago, stitch58 said:

Impressive! I've been able to get some shots like that with the 90D at 6400 but 12800 aren't usable. Looks like you'd even be able to go higher with some manipulation.

I’m also not using topaz denoise or DXO pure raw, just the normal photoshop noise reduction, so the results would by better if you do use those programs. I’d say 16000 is probably useable with those programs, and 12800 is acceptable without them. 

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