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Message added by aveschapinas,

Folks: it's not OK to take other people's photos to edit and re-post. Just like we don't correct each other's spelling and grammar, we don't take it upon ourselves to decide that someone's photo needs correction. In addition, as has been emphasized before, you need to respect copyright.

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1 hour ago, Charlie Spencer said:

<shakes head>

Maybe we should rename this discussion?

43 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

I think a name change is a good idea, for the other 'Share your Best...' thread. Perhaps something like, 'Weekly Bird Species', or something similar. Removing the words 'Share' or 'Best' should reduce the confusion on which thread is which. 

See, I just did it myself!  I opened an alert, saw Ruslan's BLPH, and thought I was in the 'Bird of the Week' discussion.  That's why Mark's photo tripped me out.

I agree completely that it's the other discussion, the weekly one, that should be renamed.  Sunday I'll post a request for suggestions.

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We had the pleasure of watching a Sharpie hunting the yard for over an hour today. It first landed on a table about 6-8 feet from where we were sitting. I didn't want to move to pick up the camera out of fear of spooking him/her, but that didn't matter because it quickly took off from the table and perched on the bird feeder hook. It was facing away from me most of the time but still spent a lot of time keeping an eye on me while it watched for the birds hiding in the corner bushes. It was almost 20 minutes before it made it's first dive into the bushes and after a failed chase through the branches, the hawk spent a minute or so on the ground and then returned to the shepherd's hook. The hawk tried to chase birds out of three different hiding places and returned to the feeders to perch after each unsuccessful attempt. In the end, I think I was a little more successful than the hawk because I got my catch of the day with this shot. 





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36 minutes ago, Ruslan Balagansky said:

Best shot from our long-tailed duck quest outing was of this Song Sparrow that gave us an impromptu performance.



(yep, we did get the LTDU, but those shots weren't quite as nice)

I like the texture/pattern in this pic.

Btw, it looks like you have a photo of a Cliff Swallow listed under Barn Swallow in this checklist.

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19 minutes ago, DLecy said:

I like the texture/pattern in this pic.

Thanks! I immediately went into "wow, that's going to be a good one" mode and scrambled the camera when it perched there, mid-conversation with another birder 😛

21 minutes ago, DLecy said:

Btw, it looks like you have a photo of a Cliff Swallow listed under Barn Swallow in this checklist.

Thanks so much for pointing that out! I was too hasty with the uploads tonight.

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