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Cerulean Warbler

From a couple days ago - Mourning Dove carrying nesting material: And a Cedar Waxwing:

I'll start with this one

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Two pics from the Everglades.  The red-shouldered hawk nest was about 50 feet from the spot where I photographed a La Sagra's Flycatcher (pics in the ABA Code 3+ thread).  I guess the La Sagra's doesn't feel the hawks are much of a threat because it has been seen at this spot for several weeks.







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58 minutes ago, Chris Clem said:

Nice shot.....You don't see a lot of Eagles in this area that I know of. Did any of the photos show any leg bands, and when was this photo taken.....Thanks Chris

This photo was taken yesterday and it was my first trip to San Jacinto.  From talking with Tom Trakes, the supervisor at SJWA and Jeff Kniffin who started the SJWA -Birding Facebook group, there are 4 or 5 juvenile bald eagles there, but no adults and no nest.  I saw at least 3 and possibly 4 eagles, but didn't see any leg bands

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2 hours ago, Chris Clem said:

Thanks, That's not to far from me  I may have to take a photo trip up there.

It's a great place and I will certainly be back.  Lots of raptors....Bald eagles, peregrine falcons, red tails, northern harriers and more I'm sure that I didn't catch this trip. Great variety of other birds as well.  I didn't even know it existed until another photographer at Bolsa Chica told me about it last week.  There is a FB group called San Jacinto Wildlife Area - Birding and you can find more info there.

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