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Friday Harbor area Washington state on a whale watching trip a couple of years ago when I was a new birder.

I'd love it if someone could id the gulls in this list for me. 3rd & 4th photos, maybe California Gulls? Have no idea on the others. I'm just not familiar with what I might have seen there.


Thanks for the help!


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6 hours ago, Melierax said:

I think I went on that exact same trip when I was there! And I wasn't a birder then so I was just excited about one Caspian Tern and never checked for Murres or Auklets... rip. 

I agree with CAGUs. 

I was a new birder. I just took as many photos as I could and sorted it all out later. Tons of birds every time a whale breached, just fantastic! BTW, it's really hard to take photos of birds flying around when you're bobbing on a boat, lol.

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