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How to properly write (capitalize) bird names

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I apologize if this question is inappropriate here, since it's not an identification question.  I'm struggling with which words in a two or more word bird name should or should not be capitalized.  For example, is it Yellow Warbler, or Yellow warbler?  Northern Flicker, or Northern flicker?  American Tree Sparrow, or American tree sparrow, etc.  I'm assuming (possibly incorrectly?) that the first word in the name should always be capitalized.  Not sure if this is an English language question, or a birding question.  

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21 minutes ago, RobinHood said:

All words in a species name are capitalized except for the ones following a hyphen.

Correct, except when a hyphen is in the group name and when the species is actually a member of the indicated group. As example:

Western Wood-Pewee is a pewee in the flycatcher family, whereas Gray Silky-flycatcher is NOT a flycatcher, so the "f" is not capitalized.

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