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Off topic- Squirrel question

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Yesterday we walk in Stanley Park, BC, Canada and a squirrel came to us with a stone in its mouth. Initially we thought it stuck... but was not the case. Squirrel removed it easily and put back into the mouth... Came to us and went back to bush holding it..

Any thoughts? Not really scientific explanation why squirrel do that in internet, but there were several mentioning of such behavior


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On 11/23/2021 at 11:30 AM, SteveEarsom said:

The easiest way to prevent squirrels from eating bird seeds is to hang the bird feeder away from the trees, or put it in the middle of the yard where there is no cover. Hanging the feeder on a fishing line doesn't always work. A divider can be used instead. This is an effective method to keep squirrels away from bird seeds if the squirrel dares to climb into the bird's feeder. Squirrels hate the smell of cayenne pepper, white pepper, black pepper, or garlic. Sprinkle pepper on the yard or the area around the birds, sure to keep the annoying squirrels away for a while.


11 hours ago, SteveEarsom said:

Squirrels are very determined to disturb your peace. They will do anything to get food. But no matter how pesky the squirrels get, it’s best not to resort to trapping, setting predators on, or killing them. I think you should use this method to prevent squirrels from getting close to bird feeder.

We're discussing squirrel behavior in the wild, not stopping them at feeders.

@Kevin / @Aveschapines, would y'all move this to General, please?

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