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Big Bear Lake, CA. Last Month

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Made it up to my old home town of Big Bear Lake last month.  Just confirming a few and some identification help. 

1.  Killdeer


2.  Pygmy Nuthatch?


3. White-headed Woodpecker


4.  Mountain Chickadee 


5. Unknown (Female Red-winged Blackbird?)  There were many males in the area. 


6. Unknown. (Sparrow?) 



As always,  than you for the help!

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5 hours ago, Hasan said:

I'm not seeing an obvious reason why Cassin's can be completely eliminated for 5, but then again I could be missing something


5 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

Actually I would lean towards Cassin’s for that finch with the more pointy bill, crisp underparts streaking and suggestion of an eye ring but it’s a tough call for sure so I’m not totally sure

I was going to say something about Cassin’s, but I wasn’t sure what part of California this was, so I kept my mouth shut. Definitely could be one.

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