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16 hours ago, Clip said:

A couple more from Colorado. Again I do not know the ids. If anyone can provide ids I would appreciate it and will get them labeled in my files

048 (4).JPG

208 (2).JPG

1. Looks like Physocarpus, ninebark (because the bark on older plants shreds, revealing layers), maybe Mountain Ninebark, P. monogynus.

2. Queen's Crown, Rhodiola rhodantha, I believe.

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For some reason I'm giving in to the temptation to link to pictures of some of the species already posted here.  These are all from New Mexico.

Fairy Slippers

Fairy slippers


Gunnison's Mariposa Lily (well, same genus)

Mariposa lily Mariposa lily


Elkweed or Monument Plant

Monument plant


Alpine Forget-me-Not, Eritrichium nanum var. argenteum or E. argenteum.




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