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Once a year our Amaryllis puts on a beautiful show, but it comes and goes quickly. It took about 1-2 weeks to grow it's 28 inch height, a week or so for the buds to develop, and another week for the flowers to open up one at a time.

Only one of our three plants is blooming right now.



Another one is just sprouting and looking like the first one did 2-3 weeks ago.



The beautiful 8 inch flowers won't last long, but there's more blooms to come. 🤞


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This is a first for me, a reasonably fresh tomato, one with tight skin and a firm body, started sprouting seeds from inside. I have seen rotten vegetables grow sprouts, but this took me by surprise. The tomato may have been on the counter for bit longer than usual, but it wasn't the least bit mushy or wrinkly, which are usually the first signs I look for when evaluating fruits and veggies for freshness. Upon closer examination I noticed that there's all kinds of seeds sprouting inside and many of them ready to break through the skin. I'm guessing that the counter probably isn't the best spot to keep our tomatoes when heating with a wood stove that's on the far side of the same room. Lesson learned.



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