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Incredible White Eye Ring

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Thanks Connor (and Sean). It's not listed in my Sibley's Birder's Life List and Field Guide Diary.

I read up on it this morning.

"In 2019 the IOC revised their taxonomy of white-eyes, which included recognizing the simplex subspecies of “Japanese White-eye” and several other taxa as Swinhoe’s White-eye; and reorganizing “Japanese White-eye”, which they now list as Warbling White-eye."

This decision has now been followed by eBird in their eBird/Clements 2019 Taxonomy Update (August 7th).  Introducing this revision, their entertaining recipe-style update states that: “Asian Zosterops have undergone a comprehensive, extensive, and confusing reorganization. Much of this is based on several studies that include an extensive genetic phylogeny for the taxa in south and east Asia…”

This is a new realm for me.

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