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Unusual bird spotted in Ontario - need help with identification!

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Hello there! The other day, I was driving around and saw the most unusual looking bird. I tried searching for it on Google to no success; I tried searching for it on a bird-watching app called “Merlin Bird ID”, also to no success. I’m out of options, and I’m really curious to know what it is! I’m starting to think it might be someone’s pet that escaped… since none of my searches seem to point to a local species. 

Hoping there’s someone here who can help!! Anyone know what this is??

Details I can share: 

  • It was medium- to large-sized, roughly the size of a crow or a duck
  • It had a very distinct chicken-like waddle, even turkey-like
  • It had a very friendly temperament, it didn’t seem to be afraid of people. We parked the car and it waddled right over to us.
  • Based on how it walked around, it didn’t seem to have the ability to fly (can’t confirm this though)
  • It was spotted in southern Ontario, Canada (the city of Markham, to be exact) on July 15th


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