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NRWS or juvenile VGSW?

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Hi, this fellow was on a branch on a cliff face today in Metro Vancouver, BC. There were many Barn and Violet-green Swallows around. This looks to me like an NRWS, but is it a juvenile VGSW? Clear photo first, other photos to show front view with what to me looks like a buffy wash on the throat. There were two of them in the tree while everyone else was in flight. Thanks!




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Northern Rough-winged Swallow most likely. 

Edit: No, actually this looks like juvenile tree. The primary projection is around the tail, so not violet-green, and this bird has more white and is more grayish than brown on the upperside which means it's probably not a Northern Rough-winged.

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Oh interesting, thanks. I thought the paler coloring wrapping around behind the ear ruled out Tree. I'd also thought I was seeing only VGSW but there could have been some TRSW mixed in. 

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