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Unknown calls

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Hi, yesterday in Gibsons BC, in the usual coastal hemlock/fir/cedar forest. I can't figure out how to cut these so I'm sorry for the background toddler.

First, I have no idea what these melodious whooit calls are. All around, and sound thrushy to me but I can't figure it out. Throughout but cleanest starting at about 30s: no idea what's happening here.wav

Next is this rattle, where I don't even know where to start: what's the rattle.wav

There are a ton of robins, Swainson's Thrush, and chestnut-sided chickadees around, in case that's helpful.

Finally, if you have any advice on how to try to figure this out I'd really appreciate it. When Merlin is befuddled and my best guesses come up empty I'm not sure what the next steps could be. Thanks!

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