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Birds of Kenya and Tanzania updated

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I posted on Thursday, two days ago, and this is just the same information, with some changes.  I got some good information from IvoryBillHope, and have updated the 'identified birds' to make corrections, and to remove the newly identified from the 'need help' album.  And, I had a report that one of my links did not work, at least for one viewer, so I am attempting that link again.

These are the birds for which I need help, after removing the ones for which I already got help.  Again, some of the pictures my not be good enough for an identification, but I am hoping someone can take an educated guess. - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZaJzMRtkuFi5aw9h6

These are the birds for which I believe I have a proper identification, just in case someone wants to look - https://photos.app.goo.gl/YwSEM8eVsn7yTSJs7

East Africa has a lot of fine birds, as many probably know.

Thanks.  Rich

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2. Spotted Morning Thrush

3. I would agree with Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse 

5. Spotted Morning Thrush

7. Wood Sandpiper

8. Grey-headed Kingfisher

9. Wood Sandpiper

14. Marsh Sandpiper, I believe

19. Rock Martins

26. Looks like another Wood Sandpiper

Pass on the rest...

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Some guesses (I am identifying by position on grid that shows on my computer as 3 across).  These are all definitely guesses and the birds I saw were in Botswana, so perhaps not found where you were.

1st row, far right:  double-banded sandgrouse

4th row far right: swamp boubou

9th row far left: yellow-billed oxpecker juvenile


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