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Colima Warbler? - Big Bend Nat'l. Park - Chisos Mtns. - Outer Mountain Loop - Brewster Co, TX - 7/24/21

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@IKLlandthis website and you experts on it have taught me very well how to better ID birds and use ebird to figure out where all my unseen birds have been hiding, and I just follow the bird need lists. This is such an addictive hobby, that once I started keeping track of my life list, I've found it damn near impossible to stop the urge to try and add to it!  Definitely the fact I live in Texas makes the situation easier as compared to other regions in the U.S., but I assure you all I'm not one of those "everything's better in Texas" people...🙂 @SeanbirdsI promise you won't regret it if you go next year, but be ready to hike your tail off for that Colima 😄

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Well, from what little I know birding-wise about the area, there's a local guide (Lee Hoy) that was on a podcast I listen to (Birdsense) and he was saying that that particular time of year was the lightest activity for the area.  Having said that, the uniqueness of the habitats and distance presumably from where you locally bird will surely still result in some exotic encounters to reward your efforts I hope!

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1 hour ago, Caley Thomas said:

but I assure you all I'm not one of those "everything's better in Texas" people...🙂

But I assure you all I'm one of those "everything's better in Texas" people...:classic_cool:

The find the differences game. 

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35 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

My sister lives in Houston, so by default, everything is better everywhere else.

Fort Worth/Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio could be moved to some other universe and not hurt my feeling one bit. 

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2 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

Well certainly there is better birding in some places in Texas than my current location. Like orchard orioles...Those are on my summer list.

Funny, I’ve never seen an Orchard Oriole in TX.

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