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Pygmy Nuthatch?! - BBNP - Chisos Mtns - Brewster Co., TX - 7/24/21

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Thanks!  This one I struggled with because of the eye being within the black cap area, and because of the seemingly darker belly area, though perhaps that was a trick of lighting/reflection off of the tree leaves here?  Why don't any of the Merlin Bird ID pics have the eye within the black area for White-breasted Nuthatch, or is it that I have weirdly-angled photos here that makes it appear so when in a normal viewpoint it would not? Or is this a juvenile look here?  Please help, I'm super confused and this is my first ever Nuthatch experience, lol.

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Just now, Caley Thomas said:

@The Bird Nutslmao!  I clearly did not see that until you circled it for me, thank you so much!  Just above what you circled and to the left, there's a slightly lighter area (within the black) that my brain somehow latched onto as eye position...maybe I need to see an optometrist!

It's not just you!  My brain did the same thing at first.

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