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28 Jul 2021 Baldwin co. .AL

Until recently, most brown birds I glimpsed at the feeder were female House Finches, but a day or so ago, we had a male cardinal show up with its adopted Brown-headed Cowbird "child" which it began feeding.  Now I am questioning any brown, plain, somewhat streaky-breasted bird I see.  Differentiating marks?


DSC06270 (2) - Copy.JPG

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1 minute ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

No, sorry, House Finch.

House finch is more distinctly streaked, with curved culmen. Cowbird has whitish throat and lacks white edges and white wingbars. House finch has a round head, and cowbird has a more squarish head. House finch has a blurrily streaked back while Cowbird has no streaking on back. That's all for now.

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