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Help with a Sedona, AZ raptor

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I saw this bird while on vacation in Arizona last week while I was hiking through a trail in Sedona, AZ. I think these are the same bird, but I saw it at two different spots along the trail. When I took the pic, I thought it was a red tail, but the facial markings seem more like a falcon. It seems too reddish for me to be a peregrine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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35 minutes ago, sbruenjes said:

the facial markings seem more like a falcon

Go beyond the colors and look at the shape.  Falcons have very different bodies, wings, and tails.

The first photo is a different bird from the one in the other two shots.  Notice the wear and tear on the second bird's wing and tail feathers.  But both are Red-taileds.

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