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All 3 Pacific-slope Flycatchers? Trinidad, CA

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Had a wonderful vacation on the north coast of California and added 14 new species to my list including 3 Pelagic species while out fishing!  Black-footed Albatross (saw and photographed 2), Northern Fulmar (Dark Morph) saw and photographed 1 - had to look this one up and of coarse the ever present Common Murre's were everywhere out there.


Home going through images and double checking ID's.  One new one for me was the Pacific-slope Flycatcher.  These two images were taken on different days and light but same area. The bird against the green seems logically a Pacific-slope but the one with two birds - one seems more gray - could it be a Hammond's? Or are all three Pacific-slopes and its a trick of the lighting that day?   Or do I have it all wrong, which is totally possible for me with all little birds! 🙂

Thank you!

Pacific-Slope Flycatcher.jpg


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4 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

These are all Pac-slopes. Trinidad is too costal for any of the mountain species, but the combination of the teardrop shaped eyeing, the greenish coloration, and the all pale yellow underbill all point towards PSFL.


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