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eBirders in the United States by State

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NY- 49K
Maine- 19.2 K
Kansas- 9902
New Hampshire- 12.2 K
Vermont- 11.3 K
Texas- 47.1 K
California- 68.3 K
Alaska- 11.4 K
Missouri- 15.4 K
Alabama- 10.9 K
Mississippi- 6773
Maryland- 22.1K
Washington state- 30.3K
Oregon- 23.9 K
Montana- 12.2 K
Virginia- 31.1 K
West Virginia- 7991
Colorado- 28.3K
Florida- 52.7 K
Delaware- 9897
North Carolina- 31.3 K
South Carolina- 19.3K
Georgia- 23.4K
North Dakota- 4957
South Dakota- 6713
Hawaii- 11.1K
Massachusetts- 29.1K
Rhode Island- 6532
Connecticut- 14.1 K
New Jersey- 25.4K
Pennsylvania- 36.4K
Tennessee- 17.8K
Kentucky- 9847
Ohio- 30.9 K
Indiana- 16.6K
Michigan- 28.9K
Illinois- 26.6K
Wisconsin- 24.5K
Louisiana- 11.2K
Arkansas- 8379
Iowa- 9415
Minnesota- 19.6K
Oklahoma- 9697
Nebraska- 8077
New Mexico- 16.8K
Wyoming- 12.3K
Arizona- 30.3K
Utah- 16.7K
Idaho- 10.4K
Nevada- 11.1K
Tell me if there are any mistakes or doubles. In no particular order. I'm not aware that this data is available on one page anywhere, so I created this topic to share the data.
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