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13 hours ago, Totah Sam said:

My Nemesis.  My Kryptonite.  Been years on this site and still haven't seen one let alone get a pic.   Meanwhile my neighbors to the north (Durango about 45 minutes from me) are click happy with all the purple finch photos over the decades years.  Life is hard.  

Pretty sure I finally got one earlier this month in Massachusetts.  I'll post it for confirmation later in the week.  PUFI has been my nemesis for three decades; I'll hold auditions for a new one.

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female purple finch.....I have a great deal of difficulty telling then male purple from the male house finch -so rely on the female.  In my experience the female purple as the more distinct field marks on her head...eyebrow and under.  The female house finch is almost drab in comparison

as I said...from my experience in Maryland

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