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Oriole-ish? (Audio recording from Denver, CO)

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On August 1, in my Denver-area (Colorado) yard, I followed around a bird calling like a corvid and chattering like an oriole. It was staying high in cottonwoods and elms. I saw it fly once (without binoculars, I was) and got the impression of an oriole-sized and oriole-colored bird -- a female or juvenile, as it was yellowish. Western Kingbirds, similarly-enough sized and colored, nest in the neighborhood. Bullock's Orioles, the most likely oriole visitor, don't, though they're at open spaces and state parks within 10 miles of my home. The corvid-like call is confounding me; I believe it was this bird and not one of the young Blue Jays in the neighborhood. (It didn't sound right for a Blue Jay, but I've been wrong enough with jays. It certainly doesn't sound like a Black-billed Magpie, but ditto. And I'm pretty sure it was coming from this bird.) 

The audio is attached and can be seen and heard on this eBird checklist. Note the following: my Moto cell phone mic is poor, there are backyard chickens and House Wren in the audio, and, while the calling is obvious, the specific chattering--when the bird flew away--is at 15 seconds. I'm not sure now if the second chattering (around 19 seconds) is the wren, but I think it is.

While the most likely bird is a Bullock's Oriole, just wanted to get other ears on this. 




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