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10 hours ago, Bird Brain said:

Yeah, yeah....blame it on the time!! ?

I will. I am almost always in bed by 9:30 at the latest, so 11:00 is like being up half the night to me. The only other time I am up that late is when my grandfather comes and we play harts from 6:30 till 11. 

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Thanks for the smiles.

In all honesty, I just uprooted my husband and I to move to Astoria, OR from Sheridan, WY. I left him there with the cat while we wait five weeks for both houses to close, so I could start work here. Then after a week found out I had covid. Probably contracted from co-workers in WY, who also got it both vaccinated (as I am) and not. The day before I found out, I hiked five miles looking for birds. Thankfully on a very low traveled trail (I think I ran across one group of three going the other way).

Then to top it off I'm in a very musty old B&B for a month at a great rate, but no tv, no microwave, no fridge, just an electric kettle to heat up hot water. So I spent the week off work, not paid, running all over trying to find places I could get out and walk where there were no people, few enough people they were avoidable, or enough room to spread way out, masked, getting fresh air, sunshine, trying to find ways to obtain food with as little risk to others as possible, and looking for more birds.

It's been a long, weird, crazy couple of weeks, and I appreciate that this thread went on a tangent and made me laugh.

FWIW, I can (especially in WY where distance is measured in miles) leave the house to go birding at 7 am and get home at 10 pm, with my husband/driver/spotter while I ID on the computer from the passenger seat, organize photos, and submit checklists. My usual excuse for an incorrect ID is I'd been birding 12 hours and the sun was on the screen in the car. ?



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