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Hello again, today I took a trek through Leadbetter Point State Park/Willapa NWR in SW Washington. On the Pacific Ocean side I encountered scads of shorebirds, which I've hopefully identified correctly, but back on the bay side, I found this lone peep. I was about to go with Western due to the streaking on the flanks and the rufous spot on the shoulder, but the wings extending beyond the tail gave me pause for thought, as well as the bill seeming to be more blunt, and the posture more upright. I am pondering if this solo guy was a White-rumped or something else. White-rumped would be way, way out of range, so I'm thinking not likely, but wanted to see what others thought. The bird was pretty wet, I was soaked myself, the camera was damp, and fogging from a constant light rain, which probably isn't helping with the markings on the bird.

As I was telling someone today on the Facebook group I created and admin, Wyoming Bird, something about the most likely answer is usually correct when they were trying to say a Mountain Chickadee was a rare to WY Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. That doesn't stop fantastical thinking from happening though.

Thank you!







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2 minutes ago, DLecy said:

This is a Western Sandpiper. Structure helps a lot on a bird that is molting and wet. It has a hind toe which is evident in pic #1 and #3. It looks like it has long primary projection because it’s molting its rectrices.

Ohhh, I see it now. Whoops!

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