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Camera and Binocular Straps - How to carry both at the same time?

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I imagine a topic like this can be found elsewhere but I couldn't find one in this subforum so I made one. How do you all carry your camera and binoculars at the same time? What type of straps do you use?

Currently I just have basic neck straps for both my binoculars and my camera. I put the camera around my neck and it hangs on my chest. Then I put the binocular strap around my neck but stick my left arm through it so it hangs to the side below my left arm. This way the camera and binoculars don't bump against each other and I can access both easily. 

I ask because I am looking at purchasing a new strap for my camera and a harness for my binoculars. I think that would put less pressure on my neck. I'm interested in the shoulder straps that go across your body and the camera hangs to the side of your hip. But I'm not sure if this type of strap would be compatible with a binocular chest harness. I also wear a backpack frequently which adds more straps to the mess. So I am curious what gear folks use and I could use some product recommendations.

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I use a harness for my binocs and a sling for my camera.   The harness for my main binocs came from Cabelas, I'm not too sure there are huge differences.  My back up pair of Bushnell's have a harness from them.  The sling was a little tougher to solve as it seems like there are many options.  I bought an inexpensive one to try out and ended up liking it.  The only concern is the clip to the camera, some reports of them failing but mine have not and I test/inspect regularly.  I bought a second version of this sling to try out running two sling rather than a harness and a sling but stayed with that plan.  Here's a link to the ones I ordered from Amazon.



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