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Redtail hawk?

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I saw a large bird in a tree and stopped to take a photo for IDing later. A woman also stopped to see what I was looking at. I said it was probably a red-tail hawk. She took a look and said that it was a rough-legged hawk (which would have been really cool). I asked how she could ID it so I would know for future. She said that someone had pointed one out to her in the same area a few days earlier so she just knew, and then pointed out it had feathers on the legs. hmmmmm. <insert head-scratch here>.

I think it is a red-tail.

Taken today south end of Whitby near the lake.


Thanks in advance

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Just now, The Bird Nuts said:

Yes, it's a Red-tailed Hawk.  No Rough-legged Hawk would have a solid light brown head like that.  Roughies are also smaller, so they have different proportions than Red-taileds and they have smaller beaks.

I knew it!!!!

And that is why I want photo proof of everything I've seen  ?

I sometimes wonder how accurate some sightings are.

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