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If this is iBird Help, where are my notes?

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Although I’ve been using iBird in one version or another for 10 years, I’ve never used it very much or developed much skill. Today I made notes about five species. I was using the iBird Plus app on my iPad. When I logged into iCloud with a web browser, after enabling the iCloud feature in the iBird app, I could not find my notes, but I expected to find them. Am I looking in the wrong place? Am I making some obvious beginner’s mistake?


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I as well have been using iBird for several years and iBird Ultimate virtually since it launched.  Cannot tell you how many times my Notes have been lost.  Even now, using iCloud and iCloud Drive my notes have disappeared several times.  This is both frustrating and disappointing!  I use Favorites to check off birds I have seen and Notes for the specifics of each sighting.  Why why why do my notes disappear???

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