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ID Help Please - I believe this is a sparrow of some type.

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Hi, We saw this bird pair from our backyard perched on a power line. I searched the Audubon Guide in detail - especially sparrows, but nothing seems to match. Location: SE Michigan. Date: Aug 14, 2021.

The male's underside is shown, as is the female's. The black band on the male's tail should be a distinctive feature. The third photo is the female backside. They were sitting next to each other for quite a while, and calling out with just two quick notes: high and low.


IMG_4602 - Copy.JPG

IMG_4604 - Copy.JPG

IMG_4606 - Copy.JPG

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Just now, balayzell said:

Thank you very much. I see clearly now that these photos are of two different species. In 43 years living in the same house, this is the first bluebird we've seen from our yard. I must say however that the black band across the tail of the bluebird is still puzzling to me. I don't see this on any of the bluebird images I've viewed in field guides or online. 

Like @HamRHead said, the “black band” is caused by the shadow of the power line on the bird’s tail.

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