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Baby Red Tail?

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Was weed whacking the garden and these two characters wandered out of the bushes. They walked around the house and did not fly away. We’ve had red tail hawks in the neighborhood all summer. I posted pics in June and the forum identified them as juvenile red tails. Wondering if these young ones are babies. I am about Cape Cod, MA. Thank you in advance.




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Just now, Connor Cochrane said:

I’ve shot bobwhite in Oregon when going chukar hunting, there are a lot of domestic birds that are released thoughout the country. 

True, there are a lot of releases, but how much do you think this impacts the bird populations? Couldn't these farming operation birds be put to better use? The Northern Bobwhite is now classified as Near Threatened and without proper care it could go the way of the Heath Hen.

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As with Ring-necked Pheasants & other game birds, Bobwhite are usually raised by privately-owned farms that offer hunting for a fee. At least some of the birds escape so you still have a chance of seeing them in those areas. Unfortunately, predation and loss of habitat are more detrimental to the survival or re-introduction of the species.

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I have heard that studies show that releases of farmed birds almost never establish a viable population and trapping and transplanting does about the same.  Habitat loss is the major problem.  they do best living in an area which is a mix of woodland and farms both of which are disappearing.

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