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I had to move one feeder from a tree (due to kamikaze squirres that just keep dropping till they hook one edge of  the feeder).  I put in on a double hook that was protected from ground up b a 6' stovepipe..never has a problem till a could of weeks ago, then the suet dough would disappear almost nightly..maybe two nights.  I took a good look at the stovepipe and was shocked to see raccoon prints...how do they do this....I thought the 6" pipe would deter most anything.  I put some scrap aluminum at the top hoping that would deter them.. nope.

what do i have to do

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I had the same problem.  Kamikaze squirrels and raccoons bypassing the squirrel baffle.  I bought what was called a 'raccoon baffle', which solved the raccoon problem.  I don't remember much about it, but it looks to be about 30" long.  I also started using plain suet cakes, because I read somewhere that squirrels don't care for it.  I don't know what raccoons would think of the stuff.

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Dealing with urban animals like raccoons is an inconvenience that many homeowners have to face. Producing a loud noise and flooding a light into your raccoons infested place can help. They invade our property and create a lot of mess making it necessary to contact the wildlife removal New Jersey professionals to help us with their eradication. They inspect the situation and make it all right by using effective methods.

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