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Photos of Owls

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I've only seen Great Horned a few times, never got a photo. I see Barred alllll the time, but can't seem to locate a photo right now.

A terrible photo of a barn owl looking down at me from the top of a silo:

barn owl

Snowy Owl from Tybee Island Georgia in 2013. That was a great winter in Georgia. Had a Northern Lapwing that same day.

snowy owl

And the famous Charlie the Burrowing Owl in Miller County, Georgia. Seen her three winters in a row so far.

Burrowing Owl


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On 9/1/2021 at 1:16 PM, neilpa said:

You're not alone

Remember Valentine's Day! Because that is when many Great-horned Owls start nesting and it is a good time to find them. At least in Colorado it was. Here in Florida there is still too much vegetation to make it easy. Any way the trees have no leaves and stick nest become apparent. Look closely at the stick nests. Some photo examples below. Keep in mind that these stick nest do not have to be large. GHOs are not like Bald Eagles that have nests the size of queen sized bed. These stick nest are small. It is amazing actually how they can raise 4 owlets in such a small space but they do.

120 (2).JPG


038 (3).JPG



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